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Facebook has become an invaluable tool in helping promote brand awareness across the world. Originally launched in 2004, the website has millions of users, and each one of them can be a valuable asset to your brand. The thing is, sometimes it can be difficult to gain exposure, and good brand exposure is a necessity in today’s world.


Founded in 2006, Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks on the internet, which is why many brands have set up an online presence here. With all of the competition present on the site, it may seem impossible to gain a foothold, but iPeaker can help with that.


Launched in 2010, Instagram is a popular tool used to increase online brand exposure. With a colorful page filled with new content each day, the app has the potential to help your brand gain the necessary exposure to keep up with the competition.


Arguably the most visited video site on the internet, YouTube is a key component to brand exposure. Videos are uploaded to the website every day, but many of them can get lost in the sheer amount of uploads. That’s why iPeaker is here to help your audience find you.


Views are arguably the most important aspect of increasing the awareness of your brand as a whole; They show how many people have actually seen what you have to offer! If you have low view counts or are struggling to increase your views, iPeaker can help your audience find you.

No bots here, just real people and real exposure.


[Likes/Favorites] are fundamental in brand exposure. They show that people support your content, and that shows you’re trustworthy. [Platform] also promotes the highest [liked/favorited] content on its homepage, which means [likes/favorites] can earn your brand more exposure.

We only provide real ratings from real people.


[Retweets/Shares] are how your content is passed from one person to the next; The more there are, the more people have seen your content, and that can mean even more [retweets/shares]!

All of our [retweets/shares] are legit, everything is caused by real people, which means real exposure.


[Followers/Subscribers] come from the people who want to stay up to date with your brand and content. When people [follow/subscribe to] you, they’re automatically notified of anything new your page posts. [Followers/Subscribers] are vital to promoting your brand, and although gaining them organically can take some time, we can help you with that.

Every [follower/subscriber] gained from iPeaker is an active, real person who will be valuable to your brand.

Terms and Conditions

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Correction of Inaccuracies
iPeaker retains the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the content of this site or to change or update content at any time without giving prior notice. However, iPeaker does not guarantee that all errors or inaccuracies will be corrected immediately.

This Terms of Use Agreement with iPeaker constitutes the agreement between all parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

Social Media Accounts
We are not liable for any accounts or media that are blocked or removed due to the use of our services. Purchases of our services are at your own risk and it is not our responsibility to provide information related to the administrative actions of other parties. We do not offer or provide refunds in the event of administrative action taken by your social media provider.

Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee

All customers are eligible for a refund if our services are not as described or the order was not completed successfully.
No refunds are possible if the order in question has been completed successfully.
Updates to websites may cause a decrease in likes or followers, we will not offer refunds for this type of situation.

Any type of Paypal dispute or unauthorized requests after a successful order completion will be declined.
Incorrect orders will not qualify for refunds. Be sure to confirm each order’s information before placement.